This crescent moon candle includes a man in the
moon looking back at you.  Slender and curved into a
sickle shape,  as a waxing moon phase it can
represent new beginnings and in a waining moon
phase, things that were in their prime that are now
moving on.
One of the most ancient figures in human history, the
Venus of Willendorf is thought by many to be an
emblem of  fertility and aubundance  She is a direct
representation of a mother goddess who embodies the
bounty of the Earth
The Great Mother or Mother Goddess is a
personification of nature, motherhood, fertility,
creation, destruction and who embodies the bounty of
the Earth.  When equated with the Earth or the natural
world, She is sometimes referred to as Hera, or as
the Earth Mother.
A classic Nile Goddess with arms raised, she is
rising from the well of  knowledge.  A tree entwines
her front while from the back she shows a simple
silhouette.  This candle will be the perfect addition
for your altar, mantle or sacred decor collection.
This depiction of Buddha / Hotei is sure to be a
positive addition to any home, office or temple
space.   With his genial smile and good luck belly, he
is sometimes described as the laughing, or happy
Buddha and represents loving kindness and
prosperity .  
The Wizard candle holds the moon and a star in his
outstretched hands.  Draped in long robes and
donning a classical, pointed hat, this depiction of a
magical man is perfect for any mantle, altar or fantasy
This weighty, rendition of a human skull is a perfect
candle for Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, Halloween,
Dumb Supper any other ancestor occasion.  Often
associated with death, to some ancient societies
skulls are believed to have the opposite association.  
Objects like crystal skulls represent "life": the
honoring of humanity in the flesh and the embodiment
of consciousness.
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